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I hope to educate you a little more about this fascinating topic and show you that you do not have to pay a fortune to start tapping into the sources of renewable energy that are sitting right outside your door. Wind Power and Solar Power sitting right there!

Look for Cool Energy Projects To Do At Home

Do It Yourself Projects may be on of the most overlooked pieces to this whole  green movement.  It takes the WISH of becoming more Green, and turns it into REALITY.

No special tools, all you need is found in any typical home workshop.

No special stores, with the internet and recycling centers everything is at your fingertips.

Here is a quick look at the two main sources of renewable energy: wind power and solar power.

Wind Power

Wind power is often overlooked because of the assumption you need acres and acres of land and you have to build a tall tower that might not fit into the height requirements of local zoning boards.

With the improvements in technology today, wind turbines are lightweight enough to fit right on the roof. By using wooden or plastic blade the sound is minimal, in fact the air conditioning systems noise will be louder.

There are some common sense restrictions, no overhanging branches, you don’t want four legged creatures running around only to get well, “caught up”  in the wind.  You absolutely need it to be easy enough for you to get to for routine maintenance, but not in any way shape or form easy for children to access.

Oh, and you need some wind.  Homes for which this is an option will have frequent days with prevailing winds of at least 8-14 mph.  That is a lot less than most people think!  You can thank today’s technology for that.

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Solar Power

When you think of solar power you imagine those panels you see on large buildings that take up the whole entire roof!  Again, good old modern technology steps in and has made the ingredients cheaper, more efficient and lighter weight.

There is often confusion when talking about solar power.  Solar power designed to heat water is different from solar power designed to generate electricity.  It is important as you read up on how to make a solar panel that you are reading about the right kind of  panel.

Yes, you need sun for solar power, but it does not have to be full sun.  by adding storage batteries to the mix, power can be stored to use overnight or on days without sun.

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Weekend Warriors

Either of these two projects can be completed in a weekend, one you have the materials gathered.  They are not technically advanced- hammers, screws, some caulking and a little soldering are the main skills you will  use. There are even pieces of the project that lend themselves to family participation. Except of course, keeping your young kids off the roof.

Energy Audit

The best thing you can do, before even investigating wind power and solar power is to do an energy audit of your home. There are some online resources that show you how to do it yourself or it will be worth the investment to bring a pro in.  What this does is show you first how to significantly reduce your demand so the load you require from wind power and solar power will be less than you use now.  It then reduces the energy requirement you need from these alternate sources of renewable energy.

Some thing you probably can think of on you own, turn lights off, use CFB bulbs, unplug appliances when not in use, 5 minute showers, and so forth.  Other things like managing the passive light with insulated blinds and curtains, and ways to make windows and doors more energy efficient and understanding the difference energy efficient appliances make are things that an energy audit can help identify.  You would be amazed at the amount of heat that is lost via the windows!

Take some time to really read up on wind power and solar power and the advances in modern technology that make this a real option for the at home handyman. You never know you might end up being able to sell power back to the grid!

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