DIY Wind Turbines For The Home

Build Your Own Wind Turbines  For The Home The  DIY Way

Every time you sit and watch the wind that is blowing away, you can start thinking about how using that free resource is one way to reduce pollution by reducing the demand for energy. You probably have seen the beautiful landscape pictures of windmills in Holland, but constructing a modern DIY wind turbines for the home is a completely different story.

Those beautiful but bulky structures are long gone as the traditional windmill is replaced with state of the art technology that can efficiently generate electricity not only for homes, but for small towns as well. This may sound like a job for highly skilled professionals, but don’t let yourself think that way. Construction of a wind turbine for the home is not beyond the skills of a DIY enthusiast.

All it takes to build your own wind turbine is a few hundred dollars and the tools you already have sitting in your basement or garage. If you use materials found at a recycling center, it will cost even less. What most people don’t understand is there are not very many parts that move in the modern wind turbine.

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With lighter weight construction there is no longer any need for a high tower that supports the blades and generator. Believe it or not, all you have to do is build a secure frame on the roof, and you have the perfect spot for your DIY wind turbine for the home.

Once you have the frame, you will be mounting the blade and gearing on it. Build your own wind turbine kits are easy to find online, but you need to take care and do your homework and only pick DIY wind turbine with good references, and reputation.

It would be a good idea to try to find a residential wind turbine for the home that is fully operational near where you live before you start building, and choosing your DIY kit. This is often a step that is skipped over, but is really essential. When you get a chance to a actually see a unit operating, you will not only get some of your questions answered, but will get answers that you did not even think of to begin with.

Another important thing you should not overlook is to investigate the local building codes, noise and height limitations, not to mention where the prevailing winds come from. In fact these things may be more important that your handyman skills.

Once you have finished your research and figured out the individual requirements for your spot, as well as the amount of energy you are looking to generate, you can start to look for a build your own wind turbine kit. They come in all makes and sizes, there should be no problem finding one to fit your specifications.

It should take only a few days to install your DIY wind turbine, unless you decided to build the entire thing from scratch. Wood or fiber composites blades are cheaper and less likely to vibrate. Luckily they are also cheaper than metal ones. You will also need a tail assembly to that keeps your unit facing the breeze. This can be made with some simple woodworking skills to make your build your own wind turbine project fully efficient.

The final steps are getting the DC motors can and gearing in good working order. These elements can also be purchased online and bolted together. Some DIY handymen are better than others at dealing with electrical stuff. This is one point when it is not a bad idea to pay an electrician to step in and get the wiring done correctly, not to mention giving an final check to the home handyman’s efforts.

Although most of this seems to be pretty straightforward, you must remember that DIY wind turbines for your home are not a novelty. It is important to create a way to restrict access to it. You do not even want to think of the damages that can be done from the blades, all the electrical installation needs to be well insulated, and for vertical towers, they need to have ways to keep fools from climbing up them. Fencing will help to deter potential climbers and security lighting can scare away those thinking they found an advanced playground.

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