Homemade Solar Power For Your Home

A homemade solar power project is just the thing to reduce utility usage.

For those who want to make a homemade solar power commitment, it can be some fairly simple tasks, or a do it yourself solar project. Either way you and your family can end up with homemade solar power for your home straight from the sun you see most days.

How simple? What about keeping some black plastic hoses coiled up during the heat of the day that could be used to warm up the cold kiddy pool water, or for washing up. There is a way to use a box lined with aluminum foil that can create a slow,(very slow) grill or broiler for your barbecue. Neither of these simple ideas need super technological skill , but are worth trying out in the summer and really get your neighbors talking!

Another simple way to generate thermal homemade solar power for you home is almost as simple. Thermal panels can be constructed from a black painted radiator set that is in a box . It needs to face the sun at a 30˚ angle. Copper tubes that have water slowly trickling through them are attached to the rear of the radiator and with a small pump, the heated water can be sent to a well insulated storage tank that gives you hot water to use in your home.
A continuing supply of water is available for showers, faucets and most washing needs, even when the sun hasn’t been very strong.

An even more effective form of a homemade solar energy project is the evacuated tube collection system. This is pretty easy project for an eager DIY enthusiast . When you look at it, is appears to be very much like the flat plate collector, but it has with a vacuum tube with a heat conductor attached to more efficiently trap the sun’s energy. The movement of water here is similar to a heat exchange system, and while certainly more expensive, the energy can be stored and released more effectively.

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The ultimate in solar power for your home is with a photo voltaic(PV) cell to produce electric power. This kind of renewable energy is one of the cleanest and efficient with a positive environmental effect. With a little technical expertise, building some simple systems or using a homemade solar kit sets can easily be done. On top of that, it will provide the majority of your household’s energy needs for most of the year. The bigger the PV cells and the more of them you can link together will get you the greatest potential for supplying you power needs.

Homemade solar power for you home will not involve very much adjustment or alteration to the look or structure of your home. Roof installation is an obvious site, but strengthening won’t be needed. The main thing is to be sure to avoid shade and overhanging tree branches.

Some homeowners are s how their solar panels look that they have incorporated them into sculptures on raised areas in their garden to share with everyone their desire to be green pioneers.

In the last decade, the advances in systems for solar power for your home have been amazing. They are no longer simply expensive toys but are efficient and convenient ways to save on utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Previously there were problems with the reliability of the cells and they were totally dependent on strong sunlight. This made them all but useless in the cold of a winter’s day. Now homemade solar power for your home is available nearly all year round, and at less than 50 per cent of the cost of a few decades ago.

Of course, when you think about it, solar energy has been used for thousands of years to dry meat and grains for use out of season – not to mention drying clothes on the line, then we can see that there is really little new under the sun after all.

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