Learn How to Build a Wind Generator

Learn How To Build A Wind Generator

If you are one of those people who are searching for different ways to avoid paying any more money to your utility company forever, learning how to build a wind generator is not only a good idea but completely doable.
In addition to your goal of becoming totally independent of the power companies, you will know that with all the global warming effects from the emissions from coal and gas powered plants, by using this source of  renewable energy, you will be taking one small step towards creating a greener planet.

Why wind energy?

For one, it is free and available to over 90% of the United States, as everywhere has some wind! The problem areas would be tall buildings and some geographical features that might prevent reliable access to a steady breeze.

To build a wind  generator is relatively simple and it costs a lot less than most people realize. The only things that are needed are a structure to mount the blade on, a tail assembly to keep it stable and facing into the breeze, and the gearing that will turn the blade movements into energy that is capable of being stored. How to build a wind generator is suddenly no longer such a big secret.

When it comes right down to it, the best thing to do is find a DIY kit.  With everything included, it will only take a few hours to assemble.

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Before you jump to the building  step, there are several other things you need to consider.

Where will the structure be placed? The higher the better is obvious, but tall towers are not necessarily needed anymore as there are modern light weight blades and generators that can be mounted on roof tops. In fact roof mounting is now the most likely option! Your average DIY enthusiast will have no problem building this. Keep in mind that it is important to make sure the structure won’t be affected by trees and overhanging branches.

How close can it be to the neighbors? Well again, with these newer style wooden and composite fiber blades, there is considerably less vibration and noise created than their older counterparts. Checking with local authorities for height restrictions and zoning regulations is also an important step.

How can I tell if there is enough wind, and which direction to face it? It is a simple matter to fix the tail assembly to maintain the correct directions into the wind once the prevailing wind direction has been figured out. Wind maps are available from online sources, government sites. For those who are truly serious about knowing how to build a wind generator should consider buying a wind meter that will,over a few months, give you the data you will need.

How complicated and technical is assembly? Getting the gearing and generator together will not tax anyone with basic DIY skills. Wiring and connection of the motor to turn the energy into electric power may require an electrician to double check connections. This is particularly true if you want to end up supplying any surplus energy back to the grid to get credit.

How about if my skills are more advanced, can I do it without a kit? Anyone with a deeper engineering or electrical background can save even more money by getting the materials themselves. With an online resources and the local hardware suppliers, it is easy to get plans, DIY books and look for the best prices and deals for materials.

What about the storage battery? This is the final step in learning how to build a wind generator. You need to consider what type of battery you will need and then where to put it. In most cases a small shed with a concrete pad will be enough. In fact, the biggest challenge of this whole green DIY project might be searching for the most efficient battery that is also the easy to dispose without using the landfills.

As you can see, anyone wanting to learn how to build a wind generator, should be motivated by the simplicity of its construction and the low maintenance, not to mention the knowledge that withing a few days they can be producing electricity to use in their home.

Remember this technology is not new, but just in a development phase as we look for alternatives and sources of renewable energy.

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