How to Build Your Own Solar Panels

Build your own solar power system and start reaping benefits.

There you are enjoying a beautiful sunny day, but the clouds seem to move right in when you open you most recent utility bill… with ever rising prices.

May-be it is time to take a good look at how to build your own solar panels, and here are some tips to help you out.

Use the Internet when looking for your materials. Online specials can save you dollars in the construction costs. Also with one stop shopping online suppliers geared to renewable energy you not only can find all you need, sometimes even in kit sets, but you also will fine plans and assembly tips.

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You will be able to gather the tools you need to build your own solar panels in your own home workshop or garage. A hammer, saw, screw drivers. soldering iron, and a knife.

The materials list is a bit longer, but it is common to already have some of the items lying around. You might have some wood to use to make the frame that will get mounted on your roof, and some screws or a wood panel to house the cell.

Once you gather these materials, you are ready to get started. It is important to buy pre-tabbed photo-voltaic cell with the tab wiring to connect them. Then all you will need to buy is some eva glue, solder and flux, plastic sheeting to cover the lid of the housing and some blocking diodes to stop the current going the wrong way.

Over a nice hot of coffee, you need to sit and make some decisions. One is where you are going to put the panels. The best place is a 30˚ slope facing south that has no shade. Avoiding paths of animals like squirrels should also be considered. Ideally it should be set in a way where it is easy to get the wiring connected to the storage batteries.

You should probably give yourself a couple of days to build your own solar panels. complete the project, once you have gathered all the materials. A weekend would do it. Make sure you have a nice cleared space that is dust free to assemble the solar panels. Now it is just a matter of assembling the parts. First you assemble the box, with the cells attached in 6×6 rows to the back of the box. Attach the cell tabs with wire and add the blocking diodes. Then you connect it to the storage batteries with a cable. Cover the whole thing with a plastic lid and seal the unit with silicone grouting.

Once the box is finished you will be mounting the panels on the roof should. You need to add insulation to the back of the box, and to help make the whole thing more efficient. Paint the whole thing but the lid black.

This stage really needs to be a two person job, because it is awkward dealing with a large piece of equipment on a roof.

To take some of the stress out of this or if you think it is a bit beyond your DIY skills, , it is possible to purchase a kit or complete units already made. Just be sure that before you buy anything, find someone who has already built one of these, or at least find a place near by that you can go see how it looks and watch it in action.

You wan this project to be fun. Learning how to build your own solar panels is a kind of survival technology that will give the homeowner some true independence from reliance on utilities, during power outages or just to reduce your carbon imprint.

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