How to Make Solar Panels

To Make Solar Panels Just Takes a Little Time and Motivation

Just the idea of building a do it yourself solar panel is mind boggling, but it with the advances in technology available today, it does not have to be. Learning how to make solar panels is not a project that requires an intense training workshops or classes in theory and design. All it takes is some motivation to be a part of the movement to reduce your carbon footprint, and basic home fix-it skills.
Take a look at the list of materials. You will find that aside from the pre-tabbed photo cells and diodes(storage battery), the rest is all things commonly found in your workshop. Check out the list for yourself: silicone caulking, glue, solder, fiberboard, plastic panels, wiring, some paint and screws.

Now add to that these tools, and you should be able to easily lay your hands on most of them: screw drivers, saws, soldering irons, wire cutters and strippers. Any average DIY enthusiast should have these just sitting there ready to start on a do it yourself solar panel project.

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Before you do anything else, you will need to go online and find some solar cells. Local hardware or electrical supply stores do not keep those things on hand. Once you find a reputable supplier for these photo cells, learning how to make solar panels is pretty easy.

How easy? You make a box to hold the cells and join them together in a series. Paint the box black to help the cells absorb any reflected heat energy. Protect the back of the box from weather with silicone caulking. Seal the front from the elements with a plastic lid. That’s it.

The cells will need to be attached to a backing board by using a dot of caulking on the back side of the cell. You connect them together with the tabs that come with them make sure the energy flow is all going in one direction. Small diodes can be added to help this process along, and to avoid electrical energy ebbing out during overnight.

An even easier solution to this example of how to make a solar panels is to put a charge control device on the storage battery and that will restrict the flow to one way.

You also need to be sure to insulate all of the parts to avoid rain damage. Any rusty hardware damage, as with any electrical installation, can be easily repaired. Solar panels are low maintenance and can have a positive visual appeal to the overall look of the home.

As you can see this turns out to be a much simpler project than most people realize, and once you also discover how to make solar panels at home, in your own workshop and it can be done in a weekend, it makes it a very attractive kind of renewable energy option.

One caution needs to be mentioned. As with all online purchases, there are scammers out there. For solar cells, they will offer very cheap ‘B’ grade cells which are not worth the effort. Some suppliers charge extra for things like solder and extra tabs, that should be part of the deal. Always check out the references of any online do-it-yourself solar supplier.

These panels are designed to convert heat energy into electrical energy, and are a step up from other simpler heat absorption panels that just warm water as it passes through the system. Hopefully, by understanding that learning how to make solar panels on your own is simple and requires very little outlay, it should inspire everyone to try out this green energy power source.

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