Learn How to Make a Wind Generator

It is Easy to Learn How to Make a Wind Generator Using DIY Skills!

With the continued improvements in the use of  renewable energy technology, learning how to make a wind generator is not as expensive and complicated as it used to be, even a few years ago. Anyone that has basic DIY handyman skills and normal tools should be able to try putting a wind generator for home energy creation together themselves.

Here is an outline of how to make a wind generator for the roof of your home.

Assessing your site.

  • You need a steady supply of wind, You can buy wind atlases from government authorized online sources or invest in a wind meter that will confirm the direction and strength of the local prevailing winds.
  • You can use your roof to mount it due to the lightweight construction of most current generators.
  • Make sure there are few trees or neighboring buildings in the way of the wind
  • There should be no overhanging branches.
  • Be sure four legged creatures and children cannot easily reach the area where the wind generator will be.
  • If you have a lot of land, or if your home is in a low point, you might want a full wind tower
  • Check the local regulations for height restrictions in your area.

Assess energy usage

  • An energy audit of the house is in order. First it will show you ways to reduce your energy usage so you will be placing less demand on the wind generator. Things like extra insulation, energy efficient appliances, better windows will help reduce your energy needs.
  • Second, you will know how much power you need to generate and buy the supplies you need accordingly.

Choose you materials

  • The beginner just learning how to make a wind generator would be served well with a DIY kit. A more experienced handyman may want to buy the pieces individually. The materials needed (they are all included in a DIY kit) are: a blade, tail assembly, gearing systems for the generator, a generating unit, wiring and cables, storage battery.
  • Do not overlook the chance to use recycled materials when mounting on your roof!

Assemble with a friend

  • Re-read the directions for how to make a wind generator carefully at this point. It can be bulky and awkward, so a second or even third person will be needed. Following the guidance from your kit, you will put the gearing, tail assembly and generator together.
  • Next will be the wiring and connection of the motor to turn wind energy into electric power. Proper connection to the storage battery is included in this step.
  • BE honest about your DIY electrician skills, you may want to hire an electrician to make these connections.
  • If you plan to sell surplus energy back to the grid for credit, you have no choice, you must hire an electrician for that part, they know the spec and have the licenses. Do not overlook this option since it is one big advantage of creating wind energy for home use. The return on your investment can often come in 3-5 years.

Routine Maintenance

  • Since there are so few parts, the routine maintenance is minimal. No more than you would do for any mechanical equipment you own.
  • Since you built it, you know how the parts work and can fix them.
  • You need to consider some way to build a barrier to keep curiosity seekers from getting near the blades.

In a nutshell, this is all you need to do to learn how to make a wind generator yourself. Remember that your ultimate goal, apart from saving money, when making wind generator for home use is to benefit the environment with reduced use of fossil fuels.

For an easy to use set of DIY plans for how to make a wind generator, Click Here

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