Information On Renewable Energy

A Look at Some of the Advantages of Renewable Energy

There has been a lot of media attention to the problem of fossil fuels and the dwindling supplies. Finding resources and basic information on renewable energy are logical topics too. Anyone who has seen the documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” or has even heard about what it says knows that the usage of fossil fuels since 1970 has skyrocketed, and the Earth cannot keep up. Even the critics of the some of the scientific facts listed in the documentary agree something has to be done. It is a hot enough topic that world leaders gathered to see if they can come to some agreement on what to do. The jury may be out on if they actually agreed to anything, but it makes us look at more closely at the information on renewable energy that is available, and if it can be realistically used by every day people.

Another reason to explore alternate energy is the effect fossil fuels seem to have on global warming. Our environment is directly affected for humans and the plant and animal life that sustain us by changes over time in weather patterns such as more frequent heat waves, warmer temperatures during cold months, loss of vegetation due to temperature changes, more active hurricane seasons and more severe droughts. Antarctica is shrinking. All the information on renewable energy we have tells us that there is a direct correlation between the use of fossil fuels and global warming data.

If you haven’t watched “An Inconvenient Truth” and former Vice President Al Gore’s educational approach to the topic, it would be worth your time. The call to action and suggestions of simple ways to incorporate energy efficiency saving ideas in your home with simple, basic ideas and information on renewable energy usage like those funny looking light bulbs, caulking the windows, and adjusting the thermostat. When building new, remodeling or replacing with energy efficient materials and appliances can make an even bigger impact.

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Reducing your carbon footprint by using clean, and green seems to becoming an acceptable mantra. There are even free websites that will analyze your carbon footprint! It should not be surprising that people are also jumping on the wind, solar and geothermal bandwagons as viable sources of renewable energy.

The hope is that there will be more USA jobs created as a direct result of this interest helping to provide more well paid jobs with benefits as the companies grow. The government doing what the can to encourage this.

Another thing the government has done is to offer incentives and tax credits to households that use some of the various sources of renewable energy, like solar power, energy efficient windows and Energy Star appliances. Hopefully they will continue to provide these credits. The incentive for solar panels for either home or residential use will end up with a 30% reduction of the overall cost.

The more affordable these alternate sources of renewable energy become, the easier it will be for people to take advantage of them Many large business like hosting companies whose servers use huge amounts of electricity have been able to make their impact by creating largely green buildings with solar and wind power generating a good portion of their electricity.

Cities, communities and school can be designated as “green” by not only providing helpful information on renewable energy to educate people, but by putting good green techniques into practice by requiring people to follow certain practices. National Geographic publishes a Green Guide where the top 10 green cities are listed in addition to providing valuable information.

There really is only one disadvantage to all of this and that is the cost. It is the one thing that prevents the most green conscious citizens from making major changes in their homes. Installing a professional PV solar system could cost at least $20,000 which is just out realm for many well meaning folks. As a result, you will see more interest in build-your-own solar heating systems and wind turbines of all shapes and sizes.

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