Installation of Solar Panel Roof Top Systems

Installing solar panels on roof tops is not so hard!

For the majority of people, the question most asked about the installation of solar panel roof systems is: Do they have to go on the roof? The simple answer is no, but there are benefits to using a roof as an existing structure as opposed to building a separate one with a tower.

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Many people unfamiliar with of the sorts solar power systems confuse the two most typical kinds of installation of solar panel roof systems and how they are used.

One kind is the straight panels, or flat plate collection systems. They need much less space than the other kind, electricity generating Photo-voltaic cells. The straight panels only provide heated water – which can be a major contribution to savings in the household water utility bill.
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Although the photo-voltaic cells require larger space, most home roofs will have plenty of space to fit the requirements for generating power for the average home. Visually, the installation of solar panel roof systems will not be a negative affect your neighbor’s view anymore than any other roofing material. When installing solar panels on roof tops, there is also no need to add any structural load bearing support.

Installing solar panels on roof mounted systems will also be free from the attention of most wildlife that can damage the surface of the panels. Make sure there are no overhanging tree branches for roosting birds, as the bird droppings can do severe damage to the collection plates.

You also need to be sure and choose an area on the roof that can easily be accessed from the ground to make routine maintenance and cleaning easier. You will not have to do this very often, since installing solar panels on roof top systems have very few working parts that can go wrong.

With all of this in mind, the final decision with the installation of solar panel roof systems is that for maximum performance you must choose a south facing slope at an angle of 30˚ that is free from any shade. With this above ground height you get the ability to use gravity to feed a straight panel solar water heating system’s warmed water back to a holding tank inside the roof cavity.

If anyone is considering installing solar panels on roof tops to the design of a new building, there is very little extra cost involved and the payback time will be only a year or so, which is not bad considering the savings that can be gained from this eco-friendly power source.

Never be concerned by a flat roof, it will just mean a frame needs to be built that supports the panels at the required angle. In these cases the installer will need to provide insulation at the rear of the panels to keep the warmth in, and the cold out of the system.

The installation of solar panel roof systems will take only a matter of hours to be up and running once all the parts have been gathered. The most important piece really is to do your research ahead of time and check out the reputations of the suppliers, as well as any professional you might hire to assist with the electrical pieces of the installation of solar panel roof top systems.

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