Small Wind Turbines For Home DIY

Build You Own Wind Turbines!

Wind turbines for home installation and usage are not just projects for renewable energy enthusiasts, but gives the average home owner the real possibility to actually generate their own electricity with a little extra left over to sell back to the utility company.

Learning how to build your own wind turbine is not as complicated as you might think. You can purchase a ” build your own wind turbine” kit set that pretty much just needs some assembling or you might choose to rise to the challenge and start from scratch and build the tower, generator and you can even carve the windmill blade yourself from suitable wood.

Before you start choosing what type of construction to use for your small home wind turbines, a little investigation is necessary about the wind data for your home. You can find wind atlas details online, and you can also monitor the prevailing winds by using a small wind meter over a period of several months. Between these two resources you will have all the information you need to decide where the best place to put small wind turbines for home on your property.

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Another thing to do before deciding which one to build is to get an eco-audit of your home’s energy usage. This way you can put some other basic energy saving practices in place before you figure out what the power generation capacity you will need for your small wind turbine. The more you save with insulation, energy efficient appliances and turning off lights, the less energy you will need to generate.

Here are the basic parts you will need to build a wind turbine:

  • a structure to support the blades generator, or your roof,
  • the windmill blade and connection to a generator,
  • the tail assembly to keep the unit facing into the prevailing wind
  • various electrical pieces of equipment.

With a build your own wind turbine project the whole family can get involved. The more hands the better for getting these various pieces assembled.

Home wind turbine kits can be put together in a weekend. Once you get it all assembled, you will need to apply basic electrical circuitry to get it connected properly. That being said, if you want to be able to return any of your surplus back to the grid, you will have to get a qualified electrician involved to deal with the more sophisticated charge controllers.

For the times when the wind slows you will need to also purchase storage batteries for slow release during those down times. The down side of this is that these batteries pose environmental issues with safe disposal issues. Fortunately, one of the side effects of the ever growing demand for wind power is that battery technology is also improving.

Learning how to build your own wind turbine is not just about putting up an interesting piece of outdoor sculpture and then watching the utility bills disappear. Wind powered electrical generation is an efficient solution for alternative sources of renewable energy.

The current modern wind generators are exceptionally efficient, and one of the most exciting power sources to look for int the future. Anyone wanting to build your own wind turbine will soon discover that they have tapped a free source of power that will give them an enduring supply, and with little or no maintenance needed for some time.

Learning how to build small wind turbines for home power demands will be for most people a steep learning curve about how cutting edge technology is making amazing advances to offer alternative ways help prevent the burning more fossil fuels to supply power to the home.

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