Alternative Sources of Renewable Energy

What kinds of renewable energy are being used these days?

Most people do not realize that every day the sun is shining it is providing more than enough energy for the entire planet for well over a quarter of a century. This solar energy is just one of the alternative sources of renewable energy that is readily available. Wind power and geo-thermal energy are other common kinds of renewable energy to explore.

I would like to share in this article some insights into what alternative sources of renewable energy are out there and which give your realistic options to choose from. It is never too late to start exploring what kinds of renewable energy are available because like it or not, fossil fuels are eventually going to run out. Better to know your choices sooner!

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Solar power is one of the excellent sources of renewable energy since it puts the sun we see each day to good use creating heat and electricity. What happens is through the use of a solar PV system, you can directly convert radiation into energy. Other kinds of solar power usages are solar hot water heaters, which include pool heaters, and water purification systems that run on solar energy.

One day when the technology becomes more affordable you can expect to way a lot more than the 200,000 homes that currently use solar power to generate electricity. This will create more opportunities and give folks a real option to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by using a clean, green alternative power source.

Getting energy from the powerful winds is another one of the alternative sources of renewable energy. This one has been around for a long time if you consider the early farmers and ranchers who used windmills to run the grain mills, pump water and eventually generate electricity for the wayward farmhouse on the prairie. Today, many people as well as power companies are currently helping to cut back on the use of fossil fuels by tapping into wind power.

You do not have to live in a heavy wind location to provide enough power for your home with wind energy. You can produce clean green wind power right in your backyard, just like with solar energy. Of all the kinds of renewable energy, wind power has the largest opportunity to grow into an even more workable choice.

Anyone who lives in the more remote wide open spaces with a decent amount of wind have it made when it comes to wind sources of renewable energy. Some of these places are off-grid to begin with, electric companies won’t bring lines out that far. Battery powered, reliable, consistent equipment can be used. The equipment cost is relatively low, or you can build something yourself.

For places on grid, these same systems can provide the one two punch. Use the wind with the power back up. For more densely populated areas, you can look into small scale wind power turbines that will generate about 20 Kw of energy. For most households in the United States, that is enough. It will be exciting to watch these alternative sources of renewable energy rise in popularity as the technology adapts to the small scale.

Solar and Wind power are not the only kinds of renewable energy. These alternative sources of renewable energy may only be suitable in certain locations or do not bring in the same reduction of fossil fuel usage as wind and solar. For example hydroelectricity needs dams with high pressure water flowing. There are several well known ones and quite a few not so well known scatted around the country, with more of the large hydroelectricity dams found out west. About 10% of the nation”s energy is produced using hydroelectricity.

If you happen to have a small back yard river or stream you might be able to place a hydro-power generator out there and take advantage of hydro-power. Geothermal power, where you take advantage of the fact that the earth about 50 feet down is always 65 degrees is another one of the up and coming alternative sources of renewable energy to keep an eye on and to explore as the technology becomes available for households to use.

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