Wind Generators For Home Use

Check Out Do It Yourself Wind Power

One “prevailing”  kind of renewable energy

“Wind Generators For Home Use” is one kind of renewable energy project that almost anyone can do if they have some basic DIY skills. It even might end up costing a lot less than expected.

You can consider building wind generators for home use if you can find a site that is exposed to a regular supply of wind that is not blocked by trees or other buildings, often the roof of a home. Due to the lightweight construction of the current technology with generators, they will fit on a roof and in addition, there will be little noise or vibrations to annoy people in the house (or their neighbors). For homes that sit in lower lying areas, you might need to build a tower to take advantage of the wind’s energy. In either case, it is important to check with the local authorities for height and restrictions that may apply.

The next step in your Wind Generators For Home Use projectt is , based on an energy audit, to decide what the output is required. This will help you choose the right size kit. Most people end up buying a kit set, rather than try to find some of the pieces yourself, which might even involve foreign technology (and directions!).

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What you will find in a typical do it yourself wind power kit set will be: a blade, a tail assembly, gearing systems for the generator, a generating unit and the necessary additional wiring and cables to attache the unit to the storage battery..

Since most people will be opting for the roof mounting options, the DIY handyman should have little or no problems building this do it yourself wind power generator kit. Do not forget to try and find some recycled timber for this project. Double check as you pick the location on the roof that there are no overhanging branches, and children and pets cannot get easy access to it.

To help confirm the direction and strength of the prevailing winds in your area, a government authorized wind atlases can be bought online. This can be measured over several months and is a must if you are taking wind generators for home use project seriously.

When it comes time to assemble all the pieces, consider it a two person job. Getting the gearing, tail assembly and generator will be easier with two due to the awkward nature of the windmill. When it comes to the wiring and getting it connected to the motor that turns the energy into electricity, a professional electrician would be the best bet.

Often you can sell back power to the grid, and you want to be sure the connections are up to code and specific standards are met, to actually be able to get connected to the grid. The payback on your investment can often be achieved in 3-5 years. So do not take any chances and let the professional electrician do their thing.

Your ultimate goal, a building a wind generators for home use is to benefit the environment. Saving money is the bonus benefit.

In countries like The Netherlands and Denmark, windmills have been with us for several hundred years. These were simple geared systems used primarily for grinding grain. Unfortunately with the fossil fuels and electricity became the cheaper, more efficient norm, much of the knowledge of this kind of renewable energy was lost. You could even say that building wind generators for home use is a kind of twist on ‘back to the future’.

As with most technology, the price starts to drop as these do it yourself wind power kits becomes more popular. To encourage the use of this kind of renewable energy you will find that there are many tax credits, subsidies and grants available from the federal government, as well as many states.

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