Wind Power and Solar Power

Benefits of Wind and Solar Power

Gradually, and there are those that say too gradually, we are becoming more aware of the damage to the environment from the use of fossil fuels. As this awareness grow, we start to look more closely for alternative sources of renewable energy. Wind power and solar power are two excellent choices.

Did you know, for instance, that more energy from the sunlight is available to us than every person in the entire planet can use in 27 years? Imagine how easy it would be to to tap into solar power in the desert areas of not only the United States bu in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America as we.. Before we can take full advantage of this people need to become better educated on the best ways to utilize solar power.

The same goes for wind power. There definitely are some areas that are more suitable for wind power than others. Places with at least one acre of land or those that can say the average where the wind blows at an average speed of 8-14 miles per hour are two examples. This is why you see commercial wind farms on top of the mountains and read about using offshore wind farms.

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If you find that your property is suitable for wind and solar power, you will be able to tap into them to heat your water and generate electricity no matter which country you live in. Despite being the more expensive choice, the solar power seems to be the most appealing. People have “warmed up” this kind of renewable energy to benefit themselves and the environment.. As the modern lightweight technology improves and people learn that wind generators are easily placed on their roofs, this option will also “prevail.”

Many states are giving tax breaks and subsidies for installing wind power and solar power systems. The federal government is also stepping in with energy credits. You may even be able to get advice from your utility company. With your new power generation capabilities, there may end up being a surplus that you can send back to the utility company and earn credit.

One motivating benefit of getting wind power and solar power technologies installed is that you will start noticing a difference on your monthly utility bills immediately Depending on the size and strength of the equipment, and your consumption usage, you could end up never having to pay a utility bill again.

The value of your home will appreciate with the installation of wind and solar power. Before you run out to install this kind of renewable energy, it would be helpful to sit down with a local Realtor who can better tell you about the effects in your local market. The reason for this home value’s appreciation is that in general buyers are willing to pay more for homes using wind and solar power. According to The National Association for Real Estate Appraisers , for every dollar saved from renewable energy, the increase in value to your home is 20 fold.

You can get an Energy Audit for your household’s demand for power and then make a firm commitment to reducing it. Are there ways to reduce your heating, lighting and hot water use? Have you checked for leaks around the doors and windows? Is the house well insulated, including the basement and attic? By committing to an audit, you also need to commit to improving the waste.

Even the choice of home appliance can make a huge difference with your energy audit. They also will affect the demand for wind power and solar power generators meeting your demand. Less is best. Energy efficient washing machines, a down sized home entertainment system, and well insulated hot water heating are just some examples of ways to dramatically reduce power consumption. Installation of wind power and solar power technology is a positive step towards energy efficiency. The immeasurable rewards will be found both in your wallet, and in a greener world.

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