Wind Power Renewable Energy Misconceptions

Clearing Up Wind Power Renewable Energy Misconceptions

During the westward expansion in the USA in the late 1800s, the windmill was the main source for pumping water for the ranches as well as the grazing cattle. It truly is the original wind power renewable energy resource. Without it the transformation of wilderness into ranches and settlements could never have happened. Overtime, as power from the grid became available and affordable, they use of renewable energy wind power basically blew away.

Now, in the 21st century, the country as a whole is looking to bring back this back into our radar, using wind to generate electricity but on a much larger scale as power from the grid becomes more and more expensive, and the use of fossil fuels continues to negatively impact on the environment.

The three most important features when considering wind power renewable energy:

  1. It is FREE as the wind.
  2. You can find it by walking out your door.
  3. It can be easily built as a Do It Yourself project by anyone.

A major motivation to use renewable energy wind power is that there is a benefit to the environment by reducing the need for power plants that burn fossil fuels whose emissions contribute to global warming.

More people should be encouraged to invest in wind power renewable energy using the government incentives that many states and the federal government are offering, along with incentives from some utility companies.

However there are also many misconceptions and misinformation spread around that hold people back.

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This article should help clear up any misconceptions about using wind power renewable energy and show how it should really be part of every home’s future. With technical advances in the modern windmills, they are a realistic option for people everywhere.

First, believe it or not, anyone can be shown how to build a home turbine system that may not only reduce utility bills, but could generate a surplus that is then sold back to the grid. T
Next, these modern wind turbines are so rugged, yet lightweight in their construction that they can be placed on the roof of any home.

In addition current renewable energy wind power technology has progressed to the point that the noise and vibration of the windmill blades is practically eliminated. The gearing is so efficient that there is enough power capacity coming from these smaller systems.

One way to find the best places to use wind power is by examining the USA Department of Energy statistics that are relevant to your area. If that is questionable or you want more details. You can install an anemometer and record your average wind speeds over several months. In general you want the average to be at least 8-14 mph.

For about $100-200 a kit set could be easily found for the homeowner with basic DIY skills to use to get this project going. The only reason an electrician would be needed is if you want to attach your wind power system to the grid. Otherwise you could even do that part yourself.

For communities to move to wind power renewable energy, they need to convince farmland to be used for fields of wind turbines. Off shore wind farms are also in the works. Homeowners as a whole should stay away from the wind farm idea.

Bottom line is renewable energy wind power is one good way to take the first step towards lowering reliance on electricity from the power companies and reducing their carbon footprint. Saving money can also be part of the deal

We know that current energy resources are getting more expensive and the supplies are going to eventually run out. During peak usage times, in extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures, this can cause more frequent blackouts with the grids having to stretch out and economize with the supplies they have.

At the end of the day, self sufficiency should end up being the primary selling point of wind power renewable energy for use in the years to come.

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